Vanguard’s 8 Tips from an IT Recruiter on How to Ace Your Interview

Sharon is an IT recruiter with 10+ years of experience recruiting talent for a vast array of IT positions, including DevelopersProject Managers, AI/ML EngineersArchitectsTechnical Leads, and Systems Administrators. In this blog, she shares tips on how to standout in an interview and make a lasting, positive impression.

1. Research the company using more than just their career site. Utilize career search sites such as The Muse and LinkedIn to read blogs, watch employee videos, and get up-to-date on company news. This will convey to your recruiter that you are interested and have done your homework. It can also help you determine if the company is really a fit and can help ideate questions for your interview.

2. Develop a strong LinkedIn profile. Connect with others in the industry, and find employees that work on the team you are targeting. Research has found that up to 97% of recruiters and employers use LinkedIn to discover talent. LinkedIn is also the ultimate personal branding tool.

3. If you have a technology listed on your resume be ready to discuss your experience. Recruiters want to hear examples that show you are proficient and meet the requirements of the role.

4. Provide a portfolio and relevant certifications. This will give a clear illustration of your experience and quality of work.

5. Display your enthusiasm and passion for the role. We are interviewing multiple individuals, often with similar experience and skills, and we want to hire someone who truly wants to bring value.

6. Maintain professionalism and be confident. Avoid filler words such as “um”, “like”, “kind of”, and “you know”. For in-person interviews, make a great first impression with neat attire and offer a strong handshake to everyone you meet. Keep electronics off and tucked away.

7. Send a thank you note to those involved in your interview process. An email is nice, but a hand written note goes a long way! Ask the coordinator for contact information or the manager at the end of the interview.

8. Keep in mind the interview starts the moment you enter the building and doesn’t end until you leave. You never know who you will encounter in the elevator or lobby.

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