Help Yourself to Career Development this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time for gathering with family and friends, sharing a meal, and reflecting on all that we have to be thankful for. But it can also be a stressful time with questions from parents and relatives about your future plans, graduate school and job applications looming, and the work of the semester catching up to you. 

In addition to filling up on turkey, students are encouraged to dedicate some time to their career development. Try out one of the recommendations below and be thankful for the progress you are making on your career development.


Start small by checking out the internship and job opportunities available on the virtual career center job board. Many employers planning to hire for the spring and summer are just now posting so it’s a good time to explore. Visit an industry community page to see curated postings.

Side Dish 

A good resume pairs well with any opportunity! Check out the Resume and Cover Letter resources on the virtual career center where you will find templates and tips to make the best document. And don’t forget to utilize Quinnicia for a resume review that will help get you past the computer and in front of a recruiter.

Main Course

During this time of changing seasons and fewer hours of daylight, it can be challenging to feel productive. One way to combat this is to make a plan and identify the action steps that will get you closer to your goal. Use the Morehouse Career Action Plan and Focus 2 to get started. Then, schedule an appointment with a career coach for after the holiday to discuss your plan.


Leave a little room for dessert! Visiting with family or friends doesn’t have to be stressful. Parents are concerned about their student’s success, so it’s normal that will have questions about your future plans. If they are willing, let them know how they can support you with one of these options:

  • Start a conversation. Have you talked with your family about career before? Do they listen? Use this guide How to Talk to Your Parents About Your Dream Career to start.
  • Join you in activity related to your career interest. Do your parents know what your interests are? Is there a way to show them? Think about an activity that you could do together to help them understand more about you.
  • Connect you with a professional  in the industry you want to pursue. Can they send a email introduction or help set up a brief informational interview? They may not be in the same industry, but you might be surprised by who they know in the community.
By Kendra [uConnect]
Kendra [uConnect]