Join the 17th Annual Teacher of Color Recruitment Fair

Location: United States

The 17th Annual Teacher of Color Recruitment Fairs will be held on on January 28th and February 25th. The January fair will be an in-person event in Decatur, GA and the February event will be virtual on Zoom. Send your resumes to
Things we know:
  • This country is experiencing an unprecedented assault on education from several sources which is decimating our national intake of potential teachers. But we know that teaching is still a great opportunity for new and seasoned candidates.
  • Many schools and districts are looking for bright candidates that may or may not have a degree in education. For those students that have changed their major multiple times, teaching can be a viable option for employment after graduation.
  • Many teachers are considering leaving the profession due to burn out, but they may just need a change of scenery.
  • We have outstanding private, charter, virtual, and public schools offering hiring opportunities for new and seasoned candidates.

Experience Information

Start Date
Jan 28, 2023
End Date
Feb 25, 2023