Best Jobs for Communications Majors

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Earning your communications degree provides you with the unique opportunity to either specialize within the field, or choose a position with an expansive, ever-changing job description. Whatever your preference as a recent graduate, you might be asking yourself a simple question: What jobs are out there? Communications majors find success in several fields, meaning there are a multitude of opportunities to put your skills and education to use. If you’re still uncertain about your future, here are a few of the most popular career paths for communications majors, and a few reasons why earning a master’s in leadership is an excellent investment.

Public Relations Specialist

As a public relations specialist, you’re charged with crafting a company’s public image. Depending on your employer, this could mean emphasizing the company’s environmental initiatives, or spinning a scandal to minimize any damage to the entity’s image. Either way, expect to spend much of your day behind the desk writing press releases that highlight the company’s products or services. This job can be stressful, especially if you’re charged with altering a company’s image during a time of crisis. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the average compensation for a public relations specialist is $51,280 and job growth in the field is expected to rise over the next few years.

Technical Writer

If you’d rather steer your career in a different direction, and have a keen eye for detail, consider working as a technical writer. Your job description will include maintaining, creating and editing technical documents, including product manuals and user guides. Basically, your job is to translate technical jargon into language a layman can understand. Several industries, including healthcare and manufacturing, are willing to pay a talented technical writer a very competitive wage, especially those that possess the unique ability to make the most complex instructions, guides or manuals accessible to the general public.

Meeting and Convention Planner

Recent communications graduates looking to secure a position in one of the fastest growing professions should consider becoming an event, meeting or convention planner. These professionals have a hand in every aspect of a meeting or convention’s coordination, from making sure the client is happy to cleaning up the space after the event is finished. Your time is spent either manning the phones and looking for potential clients or overseeing the event and ensuring everything goes off without a hitch. According to the BLS, employment in the field is expected to grow at an astonishing 44 percent over the next 10 years, which is much faster than the majority of other professions. On top of this, a meeting and convention planner can expect to earn around $41,000 annually, which is a respectable salary for a career that only requires a Bachelor’s degree.

Advertising Manager

An advertising specialist is expected to wear many hats, especially as you can advance into a managerial position. You must manage a diverse group of advertising specialists, develop the company’s sales materials, negotiate with potential clients and create an effective strategy to meet a client’s needs—all the while answering to your superiors. The majority of advertising managers hold a Bachelor’s degree and are often promoted from within the company after gaining three to five years of practical experience. Once again, the opportunity to earn a very competitive salary, around $71,800, is possible without the need for a Master’s degree, although continuing your education is always a plus.

The Benefits of Earning Your Degree in Leadership

No matter if your future lies with a small non-profit organization, or a Fortune 500 company–a successful communications major will always possess unparalleled problem-solving skills and the ability to motivate himself and his peers. If you’re lacking these integral skills, consider earning your Master’s in Organizational Leadership. Many online and campus-based programs are available to teach professionals and students alike the skills necessary to effectively organize, innovate and communicate within their chosen field. Not only will this degree prepare you to handle the most intense real-world situations, it will also look very attractive on your resume.

As a communications major or graduate your future is wide open. Your success in life is totally dependent on your drive, willingness to learn and in many instances, a Master’s degree in Communications. If you’re having trouble advancing in your present vocation, or are considering branching out into a different field, consider earning your Master’s degree to ensure you remain competitive.

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Victoria Miller is an advertising intern and currently seeking her Master’s in Communications. She hopes to one day start her own PR Company and work with non-profit organizations.

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