Follow a Career Community!

The virtual career center is organized to make it easier for you to find the career information that you want when you want it. Whether you have a 5-year plan or are just getting started, career communities are designed for you. Learn more below and get moving on your career journey today!

What are career communities?

Career communities are uniquely designed pages that pull together information and resources by areas of interest or industry.  Everything on that page relates to that specific industry. On each community page you will find:

  • Articles with tips and advice from professionals
  • Job and internship openings
  • Industry guides and resources
  • Labor market insights with the latest data about job openings, required skills, and salary info
  • Video interviews with professionals in the field
  • Organizations and clubs that may provide scholarships, mentoring, and other career support

What career communities are available?

Morehouse has 16 industry communities:

How do I follow a career community?

To receive the latest news and information you can follow a career community, follow these steps:

  • Go to the community page and click the button that says ‘Follow Here for Custom Career Content!’.
  • From there you will be directed to the signup page where you can update your preferences and select the communities you would like to follow. NOTE: Current students should NOT sign up for a new account. Click the link below the box that says ‘Log in here’ and use your school credentials to sign in.

You can also update your preferences anytime you are signed in to the platform by clicking on your name and selecting ‘Preferences’ from the drop-down menu.

How often will I see new content for the career communities I follow?

Each week students will receive an email from the virtual career center containing the latest articles, job and internship postings, events, and resources for the communities you follow. Check your inbox and spam folders to be sure you don’t miss it!

You can access the Morehouse virtual career center any time of day at:

By Kendra [uConnect]
Kendra [uConnect]